Brain Teaser Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, you will be able to answer an interesting and fun math problem weekly on this page for the chance to win a $10 Tim's card! Answer before the Friday of that week! Winner will be contacted by email!

Brain Teaser  (Friday, November 30th 2018)

-Answer before Wednesday, December 5th-

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Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, February 7th)

-Answer before Friday, February 10th-

A 5 by 5 square is inscribed in a circle, what is the area of the circle?

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Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, January 31st)

-Answer before Friday, February 3rd-

How many odd numbers between 100 and 1000 have digits that sum to 10?

Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, January 24th)

-Answer before Friday, January 27th-

A student is writing an exam. Part A, true and false, has 7 questions. Part B the student must choose to answer 6 of 8 questions, and part C the student must answer all questions. How many ways are there to complete the exam?

Answer: 3584

Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, January 17th)

-Answer before Friday, January 20th-

For the following sequence 2, 11, 20, 29, which of the numbers will not be counted?

Answer: 1039

Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, November 29th)

-Answer before Friday, December 2nd-


How many triangles are in this picture?

Answer: 42

Brain Teaser(s)  (Tuesday, November 22nd) 

-Answer before Friday, November 25th-

This is a special edition of Brain Teaser Tuesday. This week only, there will be 2 QUESTIONS! An easy question and a hard question. WE WILL GIVE AWAY A $10 TIM'S CARD FOR EACH QUESTION!
Chances are, you will be more likely to win a $10 Tim's Card if you answer the hard question correctly!

Easy question: The digits 1 to 6 are rearranged into two 3 digit numbers (each digit is used only once). Then, the two acquired 3 digit numbers are added. The largest sum that can result is...

Hard question: If all dips are dops and some dups are dips, which of the following statements A, B, C must be true?
A: All dips are dups.
B: Some dops are dups.
C: Some dips are not dops.

Answer to easy question: 1173
Answer to hard question: B Only

Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, November 15th)

-Answer before Friday, November 18th-

How many prime numbers are there between 10-30?

Answer: 6

Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, November 8th)

-Answer before Friday, November 11th-

What's the perimeter?


Answer: 3pi + 14

Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, November 1st)

-Answer before Friday, November 4th-

How many square metres are equal to 5 square kilometers?
Answer: 5 000 000

Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, October 25th)

-Answer before Friday, October 28th-

What is the area of the shaded region?
Answer: 38.5

Brain Teaser  (Tuesday, October 18th)

-Answer before Friday, October 21st-

Jonathan's mean score on his first 3 'MATH1003' tests is 72%, what mean score does he need on his next 2 'MATH1003' tests to bring his overall test mean up to 80%? 
Answer: 92%