2015-2016 Team



Daniel He

Raised in Fredericton, Daniel is a second year Electrical Engineering student minoring in Mathematics and Biology. His passion for math began in middle school with the University of Waterloo and University of New Brunswick math competitions. Daniel is particularly interested in ending the stigma against math - which is often exacerbated by parents, teachers, and friends who tell students that “math is hard” - and gender inequality issues in math, engineering, and general. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys design, photography and guitar.

Richard Du

Hailing from Fredericton, NB, Richard is a second year mathematics student at the University of New Brunswick who is very excited to help launch the UNB Math Society. Richard has had a passion for math for most of his life, from learning multiplication tables and grinding out Kumon workbooks to competing in math competitions.  Over the next few years, he looks to ponder deeper into the field of math education, which he finds interesting.  Richard works as a tutor at the Math Learning Center on UNB campus and also teaches a local math enrichment class for kids aged 10-15. During his spare time, Richard enjoys playing music, cooking, badminton and Kendrick Lamar.


Vice President Communications

Danielle Corriveau

Danielle is a fourth year mathematics student here at the University of New Brunswick. Even though she was born in Halifax, NS, Danielle was raised in Fredericton for most of her life. Her love of math started in middle school when she tutored and competed in math competitions. It has grown so much that she decided she wants to go on to get her Bachelors of Education to become a math teacher. In her spare time, Danielle enjoys playing with her dog, watching the Boston Bruins, and playing the guitar.


Vice President Outreach

Charlotte Sampson

Charlotte is a first year student from Vancouver, British Columbia studying Arts and Sciences. She plans to major in Mathematics and minor in French, and in later years plans to receive a Bachelor of Education. This is with the ultimate goal of teaching high school math in a French Immersion program back home in BC. She is extremely excited to be a member of the UNB Math Society Executive and hopes to get as many people involved as possible! She is also a Women’s Soccer Player for the UNB Varsity Reds.



Vice President Events

Pouria Poursaeid

Pouria is a second year student in the Chemical Engineering program majoring in Petroleum at the University of New Brunswick while working towards a Mathematics Minor, Economics Minor and Technology, Management and Entrepreneurship Diploma. His passion in mathematics has led him into finding different interesting opportunities at the Math and Stats Department and being a part of the UNB Math Society. Pouria works as a Lifeguard/Instructor at URec and he enjoys social gatherings, sports activities and whiskey neat in his free time.


Vice President Finance


Alvin Chan

Originating from Fredericton, NB, Alvin is a second year student at the University of New Brunswick who is majoring in Biology-Chemistry. He is also minoring in Mathematics, a subject that has been continuously integral throughout Alvin’s life. His deep-rooted interest in mathematics was developed in his childhood – his earliest memories include memorizing the multiplication table and solving math related riddles. This passion grew exponentially during middle school, where he frequently participated in math competitions. Alvin’s wide range of hobbies includes watching hockey and basketball, playing piano, and making crappy math puns.